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MINI Final Drive/Mini Differential/Mini Diff Ratio’s STANDARD FACTORY DIFFERENTIAL The final drive in any Mini is held in the rear of the gearbox and is the last set of 2 gears before the driveshafts/wheels (hence final drive). 364 and I will at least go to this. Both Ratios are inappropriate for Modern Expressways but were well suited to the Coastal Goatracks they were designed for. 1 is the best inbetween and one of the most common to get hold of. Jan 17, 2010 · This design can be varied from a 1. 11 x 12% + = 4. in 1997 toyota brought out the ifs diff and they were different to earlier diffs. Mine is a manual Sport model from 2001 and the ratio according to the plate on the diff is 3. I've currently got a 3. It only shows cars that were available in the US. Landcruiser 40 = 4. 10, and 4. 5. 5, 3. 31 and 3. Standard diff ratio's. Iv used a number of differant ratios, 4. It runs the standard 3. 1290 which = 12%. 15:1 differential. Mar 06, 2007 · I am interested to find out which diff ratio would be the best to allow me to maintain a cruising speed on the highway of about 65mph or 110kph. Jump to got an auto diff now 3. I chose to use the MoRich RipR for these charts because I have all the information on this ball available to me. The following table contains a list of common aftermarket gear ratios. As of 12 Mar. We will try to include both transmission and rear end gear ratios FYI. Diff ratios What ratio does the 5 speed and 6 speed box have, I have heard conflicting reports of the 5 speed having a 3. My back diff has a bit of a rumble so i have bought a tdci diff but was wondering if the ratios are the same as Td5s ? Or should I change front aswell Now in the summer am going to change the transfer box for a disco one as I would like it to be a bit more user friendly on the motorway or any Suggestions on what diffs to fit i got it the other way round i have range rover diff in my series with rocky engine it was way to low on road with series dif in. In summery, Jack up the Feb 24, 2008 · This video shows how I calculated the gear ratio installed in the rear differential of my 1973 Duster 340. The goal is getting a rated maximum trailer weight moving without destroying the transmission. 25. 73 would have made fuel consumption worse. I also looked at it that down the road I will go bigger motor and run in the higher RPM range and did not want to do another gear change. 09, 4. i know this can be worked out by counting the turns, but does any one know what the (ba 2009, ba 2006 etc) letters and numbers = ratios are. 11 gears and 4. 10, 4. This web page will show you the math so you can. Toyota sometimes mistakenly coded trucks with 4 pinion diffs with a "2" code. 5L man - 4. 1 Final gear ratio for the 2. 69 on Euros. West Coast Differentials stocks a huge inventory of OEM and Aftermarket Ring & Pinion Gear sets and orders placed before 4 PM Pacific Standard time usually ship the SAME DAY! 1027, 1107 AD: Documented Chinese reproductions of the south-pointing chariot by Yan Su and then Wu Deren, which described in detail the mechanical functions and gear ratios of the device much more so than earlier Chinese records. ENGINES: BHP/TORQUE Peugeot Range of engines. The following table shows the various Ford part numbers and gear ratios for the matched ring and pinion gear sets used on 1928 through 1934 Model A (103-1/2" WB) and Model B (106" WB) Ford car and commercial chassis, not trucks. 75, 3. just wanna know what diff ratios the is200/300 use across the different models and how i find out what mine has. Share. au "GET YOUR REAR INTO GEAR" If you cannot find what you are looking for, or you require more information, please contact us: Dec 12, 2014 · Sometimes doubt arises as to the diff ratio currently fitted to a car, as a significant number of them have had their diff ratios changed over the years. Divide the ring gear teeth number by the number of teeth on the pinion. 89 diff centres. 916 - 47/12 4. 45 or a 3. To determine axle ratio, divide number of ring gear teeth by number of pinion teeth. Jan 30, 2012 · hey guys, i own a ba xr6 (non turbo) and ws wondering what the standard diff ratio was in it because i am considering changing the ratio for better acceleration. Brek is right When I did my drag car I went with 4. Hi . by the way i run 285/75/16 and it is a bit high i low box now some times it is to fast with 1low idle . to the left is a medium case diff. before putting back 1 x halfshaft, fill through the axle casing with the car jacked up that side. 45, some have 4. 8 or 0. 75 with a 2. 6032. com/products-2/diff-ratio/. Model A & B Ford Garage Rear Axle Gear Ratios. 11 Landcruiser 70 Fuel consumtion is directly related to driving habbits. 6. 909, 4. net Presumably the diff casing is the same for all ratios so new The Final Drive Ratio shows you how many times the engine turns for one complete turn of the tires. 9 in my S14 and i didn't like them, i really want 4. 7/6. 1 or som Also, note that the chart shows other ratios and which vehicles came with them. I just got under it to see if there are any codes, all I can find is 35140 stamped on the diff. Jul 15, 2011 · There is a wide range of drive-axle ratios for medium-duty trucks. As I have a 1989 RN85 they are no good for me. The diff ratio is usually stamped on the aluminium ring on the diff input shaft. The long stroke of the 2F Toyota six(4. [IMG], Diff ratios. 73 or 4. in my car now; note: drive flange and provisions for both e28 style sub-frames and e32 style sub-frame <side mounting bosses> Second pic. Count the number of teeth on the pinion gear and count the number of teeth on the ring gear. BMC Axle diff ratios etc. Rear End Ratios/Speedometers Hello all ! The rear axle of my MK 7M needed to be rebuilt. We offer the full line of new, used and rebuilt Spicer differentials on the market today as well as older models. 61 Diff Ratios Reply I have a Range Rover Classic with 35inch tyres fitted which has affected the gear ratios. cant find the info anywhere including google. Popular OEM and Aftermarket Gear Ratios. All U. In this case the diff is of the open type. Going to a 3. 71 5th gear out of a Z31 transmission for better highway fuel economy. Early Gearbox (up through the Mk3) have the smaller flange to mate with the original smaller flange on the drive shaft. 1:1 transfer case reduction gives a final rear ratio of 3. 5:1 some early models had different ratios however. 2, standard ‘box, and 185 x 15 tyres, I think you might find it too MY INFORMATION is that this ute has a 3. The Standardized Infection Ratio (SIR) is the primary summary measure used by the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) to track healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). 88. 9 make much of a difference? MGA Final Drive Ratios - RA-201. Enter Diff + Gear Ratios and tire diameter, then drag RPM slider to calculate speed from RPM. g. difflappingqld. Hey all, I am interested in swapping a manual Z32 transmission into my S30. 2 you can fill quite easily. but a series dif is wery strong if you pegg it?? . pdf, 2012-12-15 13:24, 61M. These operate mostly like an open diff, but when one wheel slips, the diff (through a series of clutches), transmits some torque to the side that is not spinning. Hopefully, it is easy to interpret. For those considering a transmission swap or gear ratio change, this calculator will determine the effects of the  BMW E34 REP. Hi there, I am wondering if anyone knows of a way of changeing my diff in an early mgb roadster. 92, so what were they sold with? Being an open diff you can't jack it up and spin the wheels do check. 88 lsd diff on my 6. 9, while race  There have been 14, 15 and 16-inch wheels, 4 differential ratios, 3 differential types (open, viscous and Torsen), 4 tyre profile heights and two different  15 Jul 2011 There is a wide range of drive-axle ratios for medium-duty trucks. Can get down to 14L/100 staying under 95kph. the caliper brackets on that ebay one look a bit suss just butt-welded onto the flange like that. 4" or 8. 0 litre V12 E-type, mated to a standard Jaguar 4 speed gearbox, and 16”x7” wheels. 2. 3,a nd manual is 3. Tall diff = longer legs, higher top speed, less RPM at cruise, slower off the line. 0 and 5 speed Personly I don't like the 3. Most of the diffs in the chart are interchangeable. Common across all GU's. 4. DIFF RATIO FORMULA. Larger tyre size divided x standard tyre size 35” divided by 31” = 1. Access Optimum Transmission Gear Ratios Calculator RICHMOND is the leading manufacturer of professional quality, hi-performance ring and pinion sets. 11 any way, and thought mabye the mk2 might something close to this to make life easier th The Difference Between Low Gear Ratio & High Gear Ratio by Sam Grover Gears are used in a number of different machines, from cars to factory equipment to pedal-powered pushbikes. The first pic. 1720: Joseph Williamson uses a differential gear in a clock. Ultimately it makes up an important part of your car's  Nissan R200 diff ratios: 3. 875 and above ratio centres have a slightly different crownwheel position on the centre. 0 (6 speeds gearbox) is 3. 3. 727 x 336 / 29 (rpm = mph (not km/h) x diff ratio x 336 / tire size) Now the correct rpm is known for the vehicle (2806), the next step is working out what ratios are available for the vehicle, some makes and models won’t have as many choices as others. In excellent condition with no seal leakage from the  Learn how ordering the right axle ratio can further help tailor a GMC truck or SUV The ring gear is attached to a differential case containing smaller gears that  Mike Mac (Member) 11/26/01 09:11 PM 66. Also manual wagons have the big H260 rear diff, so it's a lot harder to find lower ratio (numerically higher) diff centres, aftermarket is almost the only option for the big diff. Page 1 of 2 1 2 I am pondering which ratio diff will work best in a number of configurations. The only difference in the calculation is the tyre size and final diff ratios. 05. Your compliance plate should read HH43. This resource is built Different gear ratios front and rear. However, depending on how you’re going to be using your rig you may want to take a closer look. Consequently, to get acceptable acceleration with the small motor, it is configured with very low gearing (numerically high). Gear & Diff Ratios When we talk about the diff ratio, what do we mean? To understand diff ratios, you need to understand the physics of leverage. 10 gears in the diffs and a 10% reduction in high and low range on the transfer case compared to a stock Samurai. What about the taller ratios in the 3. Rear drive axles are Keep in mind that a rpms play a key role in fuel economy, and that different axle ratios affect the vehicle’s rpms, especially at highway speeds. I am not sure how long these were used but the main gasket that fits banjo diffs is specified from 1948 to 1978- so I guess that probably at least some HZs had banjos. As a general rule, when dealing with two gears, if the drive gear (the one Aug 28, 2011 · Hey guys, I thought id make this quick video for anyone who is interested in finding out what your differential gear ratio really is without having to pull apart your diff. 31, 3. Didn't want you guys to be ignorant of the Fox variant Diffs we used in the Antipodean and European Group A Mustangs I found out all this while I was doing some research on generic Sterling 6. The extra strength of this diff comes from the bearing cap/truss and large diameter pinion gear shaft. 56 with 9 x 28” M/T slicks car started with a 304 w/big cam & auto w/4000 stall. My latest toy is a 1986 duel cab hilux with a 5 litre holden V8 in it. 6 six cylinder engine with 5 speed gearbox and 3. the use of a diff on the gear box means you can now have diffs of varying ratios. If you don't like the diff ratio, you can use a 3. I have driven my 'new' diesel landy today and it feels pretty slow compared with my old one, top speed is certainly less - per sat nav -I just wondered if its the axles that are making the difference. Does anyone have any experience with the lowering of diff ratios, changing the gear ratios, transfer box ratios etc. BMW uses 2 different 5sp transmission for e46s depending if you have a 328/330 or a 323/325. 25, 3. 08:1 ratio,they will fit a lower ratio of 3. 727. Fill 'er up will diff oil and away ya go. Automakers build trucks with a range of optional axle ratios. In any case, before you changed the ratio you should have had the car checked to determine why its fuel consumption was so poor. 1 what others. Mar 23, 2011 · The higher the diff gearing is,the lower the engine will rev at highway speeds,but it also makes the car sluggish to get going off the line ,and slow to pick up speed. 08:1 and it's great on the highway but want to give So, if I want my car to take off quick, I need the high diff ratio, BUT, that will make it rev really hard at high speeds right? SO, if I want my car to take off quick, but not rev so hard at high speeds, then getting the 4. Driveshaft/Diff Flanges. 375 - 35/8 4. Banjo Diff Ratio Change: Banjo Centre Differences: 2. Early Differential (up thru Mk3) have the smaller flanges that mate with the small flanges on the axles and Drive Shaft. 2806 = 65 x 3. To calculate correct ratio - Standard diff size x 12% example - 4. 8L was the same as 2. 44 unless you running at least a 2. 9 ratio and I Does anyone know the different ratios of differential available on the S-type and which models they came in? I'm looking for a replacement for mine as its clunky but I'm struggling to track down the correct ratio. The Mustang rear end gear ratios were offered with many options. This is a list of final drive ratios which were available in various cars that will fit in the MGA (and early MGB) banjo type rear axle. 3:08 3:23 3:45 4:11 They're the ones I hear of a lot there is probably others that I've missed if so list them as well. i have a 4spd auto is200 possibly sports model. Many of the ratios have not been fitted to Australian vehicles nor are they all sold here as an aftermarket item. Especially if they are trying to do something a little different with the drive train. 54 will be on the track car but consider the 3. When you increase the tire size without changing the gear ratio you increase fuel consumption and you can not drive at the low speeds needed for the off roads. 4 petrol with rear Gearmax diff. 625 - 37/8  16 Oct 2019 Axle ratio is the driveshaft or output shaft revolutions needed to spin the If you don't want to take apart your differential, then here's a quick  Results 1 - 48 of 1073 Jaguar speeds and diff ratios. 3 (3. 3 cos it give good MPG) I allways run a 3. For over 80 years, the Double Diamond has signified the highest quality gears in the racing industry! denotes the number of pinions of the rear diff and whether the rear diff is an open or LSD type. How many times have you looked at diff ratios eg 3. Still running 315/75R16 tyres MT pattern and standard diff ratios. 46 and have 3. Whenever I wander through car dealership checking out the new pickups and SUVs I never fail to hear other tire kickers ask about the fuel economy of a tow vehicle they are potentially interested in buying. 54 (USA), 3. I have a diff ratio of 4. A couple of things to notice from transmission gear Ratios 1. could someone please tell me the standard ratio and if anyone has had good success with any specific ratios May 06, 2014 · hey all. 0, 3. RICHMOND is the leading manufacturer of professional quality, hi-performance ring and pinion sets. 61 Diff Ratios Reply I have a Range Rover Classic with 35inch tyres fitted which has affected  Mk 3 Gearbox Ratios Manual Transmission cars with the 7M-GE engine (N/A) were fitted with the W58 gearbox, the 7M-GTE engines (Turbo)  Replacing the gears in your Mustang's rear differential will get you off the line and You can also find the gear ratio stamped into the differential cover or written  6 Nov 2019 diff ratios. 73, 4. 46 which is much better. Jun 24, 2008 · My new diff is a 3. These number reflect your towing capacity and will affect your fuel economy. Aug 06, 2005 · Mike Mac (Member) 11/26/01 09:11 PM 66. 90 and the rear diff is 3. sounds like a neat gigger you got there. Also calculated is the new gearing you would need in order to return back to your original gear ratio when going to a bigger or smaller tire. Fuel economy is secondary. Just note that there is a bit more work that needs to be done if you are swapping from a different model. 3. Where To Buy Share. 8:1 and 4. 55:1 and at 70 mph am knocking out 4000rpm in 4th and 3500 in 4th O/d which is an awful lot of rpm for little forward speed. . jpg, 2014-10-15 16:  The '01/'02 M-Z3 coupe with the S54 engine has a 3. If it is a common type, then one out of a highway bus or truck will fit and they will tell you what is available and probably what ratios are available from them or elsewhere. 357 - 47/14 3. I don't have my hilux back yet, but would like to know what the diff ratio would be, want to do some power calculations! In standard form it was a '96 2. 3000rpm in 2nd at 30mph) and my gas mileage (30+ hwy) I would say so. 375 back in, with it's worn teeth which whine, but my main bearings have worn out completely and are waiting to be replaced. To calculate correct ratio - Standard diff size x 12  3 May 2012 The easiest way to determine the gear ratio is to jack up the car (safely) out as number of turns of the differential pinion to one turn of the axle. Jan 22, 2009 · i look at the rear diffs listed in the opposed forces parts lookup website and the diff ratios appear to be same as the legacy for the late 90s. Just swap the required ring and pinion to your case and keep nismo gt pro lsd unit with shafts. 9 or 4. Bummer Larry diff ratios??? - Ford Modifications Website. 7. The ring gear actually measures 8". The term refers to the gears in the truck's differential, which is a mechanical device that links the rear Apr 17, 2002 · I ran my sII with a 4. 083 - 49/12 4. With that said you will soon see why some axle ratios are good for fuel economy while others are better suited for towing and power. What are the standard diff ratios in the sedan xr8 and gt? Can they be changed for a different range for more acceleration? If they are 3. Morris Minor Gear Ratios Brian Laine The Morris Minor was meant to be used around town and on secondary roads. 1 or 4. 75 with a 5 speed as IME and IMHO it's the best setup for around the 100 BHP/100Lbs engine. 5 or a little less. 240 gear ratios 200 all : No label on the diff, but judging by how tall the gears are (e. This list is for finding the factory axle ratio in North American (US and Canada) 89-98 Trackicks, based on year, body style, engine and tranny combo. Short diff = shorter legs, lower top speed, more RPM at cruise, quicker off the mark. 5"). May 03, 2012 · Shorter tires require a higher gearing to travel the same distance as a taller tire, so as tire sizes got smaller and engines produced more power, the gear ratios tended to get higher. Apr 19, 2017 · Hot Rods Gear ratios and diff ratios - what's the ideal combination? Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Jasper6120, Apr 19, 2017. RED is definitely 3. Find all of the gear ratios available for your vehicle in our Application Guides or call our staff of differential experts at (800) 510-0950 for LIVE help. 6 times for every 1 turn of your output (drive shafts) has nothing to do with engine speed as there are other ratios in the gearbox unless you have 1:1 in top gear. The best diff to use is from the W108 280SE 4. may have been brought up before. Mazda Diff and Rear End Swaps. 55, 3. 36 diff. : this calculator allows you to enter 3 of four variables and it will compute the other based on your input AXLE RATIOS: LOW GEARS, HIGH GAINS Choosing an optional axle ratio when buying a new pickup/SUV is a benefit, not a liability. The 2. have looked under the car didnt know what i was Any 'banjo' diff centre will fit. 3 79 series If you are in Australia you should be accessing the free parts manual to cross reference parts like this. model Toyota pickups were sold with open front and rear differentials, until the Tacoma was introduced in 1995. ISO, 2013-11-17 20:48, 490M. I have a single drive B model with a 250 turbo C motor coupled to a quad box 7220. 1:1 reduction ratio in the transfer case to the rear diff. Fitting a 244/264 Volvo diff works well but doesn’t get a lot of publicity. I replaced the 3. 15 diff came from a 750iL then the front flange must be changed. 11. 88… What’s your differential numbers? 3. MG Midget and Sprite Technical Does the diff ratio affect power? BBS discussion at MG-Cars. This is the part of the diff that bolts to the drive shaft. This Final Drive number is also your torque multiplier when in that gear. The diff ratio required is whatever closest is available to 4. You must swap the rear cover  Transmission Ratio RPM Calculator. So if ratios below 4. – Ratio Guide Diff Lapping 4/' DIFF LAPPING QLD www. 3 4. Updated March 2019. 91:1 , 3. I have seen may ratios in the 4. Im prety sure thats a 4. 1 ratio which is far from a performance ratio, great for top speed as I can get up to about 90mph but it is at a distinct disadvantage to both Polaris and Can-am which have more performance oriented diff ratios in the 3. Please see Page 2. 60 ratio. One more thing. MG MGB Technical - Diff Ratios. HH - This indicates the rear differential fitted. 92 but in reality it's not that simple. 89 ratio. Re: Diff ratios / high revving Post by ampwhu » Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:28 am if you go for a 4. Sep 13, 2011 · Jaguar Rear End (IRS) Specifications. 11 2. 7 pretty sure but I want to go taller. The Wildcat has a very low 3. The BMC as used in Caterhams etc. 5:1,this makes the car way better off the line,and gives better pickup,but it will be reving harder at highway speeds with the lower I have seen several posts asking about what a certain year combo would have, so I made up this list. The Chart below shows E36 E46 E90 E91 E92 E93 E85 E86 E83 E82 E88 transmission gear ratios. The M type differential is fitted on many small low power cars and trucks such as the miata and the B200 where the P type is fitting on higher power more heavy duty vehicles in general. you need to look at the gearbox ratios and where the engine develops its power in the rev range to choose the ideal diff ratio. Listed are the expected RPM's at 60 MPH with a given rear end ratio and tire height. 5 to 3. For over 80 years, the Double Diamond has signified the highest quality gears in the racing industry! Ever pondered that gadget between your back wheels? Picking the right diff ratio is an art where there are some real gains and a few pitfalls. 545 but the 1. Main question: what diff ratios are available as standard, and what donors should I be looking at? Diff Ratio : Now that the circumferance of the wheels is known, and the ratios between the engine and road wheels, you can calculate the road speed for any RPM in a Aug 31, 2010 · ive got an aussie delivered s14 and im rebuilding the diff ive heard that the diff ratios are like 3. 6? 4. 111 - 37/9 4. A 2. 692 - 48/13 3. 692 or sumthing and thats a really really shit ratio i want to put an 4. afaik westfields always used the mk1/2 escort axle (48. The differential gear ratio on a stock standard 4x4, are made to suit the tire diameter which the vehicle. if your airlocker is a rear,it will fit in the front or rear of a pre 97 hilux. 2 Engineers try to match axle ratios with engine torque peak, transmission gearing and stock tire diameter. 111 vs 4. The gear ratio is stamped on the outside of the crownwheel for ratios other than The most common E-Type differential ratios were 3. Welcome to 240sxONE Tech We hope to become the best single resource for S13 and S14 technical information on the web. 2000 -cjb The W111 diff’s are generally 4. Determine your engine's RPM based on the transmission gear ratio, tire height, MPH and the  I will post all the engines , gearboxes, axles and Diff ratios used in JEEPS in India . Call us TODAY on (07) 3359 4701. This diff commonly and mistakenly called an 8. I don't think you can find in UK a 4. Spicer Differentials Rebuilt, New and Used. Skyhiranger is dead on that the axles and thirds are smaller but you can order lockers on E-Bay for a decent price out of the UK. Diff ratios Does anyone know what diff ratio was standard in an HJ ute with a 253/trimatic. 875 are to be fitted then select a diff with a ratio below 4. 23/3. Oct 21, 2013 · Differential ratios 3. 5 which is a 3. 3:1s are mint for most things but with a bit of lag they can be a PITA on some tracks. or of course if the engine itself won't literally accelerate fast enough!!!! but considering even big heavy V12 Jag engines with 6500rpm redlines take less then . What are the diff ratios for AUs? Is the wagon and sedan different? I'm assuming yes, and I would doubly assume yes again for ute diff ratios. This diff must not be confused with the so called "Wolf" diff which is also completely removable from the axle but it has a much shorter nose (pinion shaft) and is stronger than all the rover versions. Peter has a good point about adjustable damping shocks, i'm not really up with what options are out there and costs etc though A Borgwarner isn’t the only choice for a pre-HK Holden diff upgrade. a short diff is a larger number eg: 3. Ratios between 5sp and 6sp ratios are essentially the SAME! The 6sp only gives you an extra overdrive gear. 90 gear ratio and the earlier MGA with 15″ wheels had a lower gear ratio. 100 & 4. 31. Part of the final drive is the actual differential (diff), this all yes 3. 36 - 3. to day and check out the RPM/Speed ratio, as I believe that my car revs  9 Feb 2016 If you install a limited slip differential, then power goes to both rear differential, which KAM, http://www. 89 Diff used to Valve Bounce at 70 MPH. 538 - 46/13 3. GEAR VENDORS reputation for being the best is because of its … Continue reading Ford Drive Ratios → AXLE RATIO & IDENTIFICATION See AXLE RATIO SPECIFICATIONS. Note: Data may not be 100% accurate. 73 diff ratio will lower the engine RPM's at any speed, but thinking that you are going to gain 3 or 5 mpg is not practical thought. As you can imagine it is rather heavy on fuel. Original ratio was 3. However, as has been the case many times before, assumptions can be based upon anything but reality! If you don't have to change gear and power, revs and traction aren't an issue then 3. com. 5" The ratios are also different. Jun 20, 2006 · Was there a standard production ratio for the diff fitted to the 71 CPs. From 1995 on, some Tacomas and 4Runners were equipped with a rear electric locker. It is usually determined by the number of teeth on  Changing diff ratios has long be one of the first tricks performance guys have done to improve their car's performance and can make a huge difference. 6 Jan 2019 Picking the right diff ratio is an art where there are some real gains and a few pitfalls. is of the diff. 27, however the housing is physically larger, due to the size of the crownwheel so you need to change the whole unit. I have put the 5. (probably to get the tail happy torque split) The front diff is 3. 2 = 2 Pinion, Open Diff 3 = 2 Pinion, Limited Slip 4 = 4 Pinion, Open Diff 5 = 4 Pinion, Limited Slip. ----Diff ratios: Holdens with standard 14" rear wheels and tyres HK-HZ (say 195 the input shaft of you diff turns 3. like some people have 3. 4. Some like the 4x4 trucks (their front diff is a Z diff mounted backwards,) can be put into a Z if the output flanges are swapped with the ones from your old diff. with using discs Anybody got any access to diff ratios for various models of the 124? I have a kit car based on the 260E and has big mad wheels as it is a Jeep type thingy. My suggestion is to get to a few truck and bus wreckers and see what they say about the diff in your bus. 76 5th gear for a 0. 8. 36 last year. Jun 18, 2019 · With the six speed Allison and the 6bt sitting on 1800 rpm at 105kph I'm getting 16L/100k, sometimes up to 18L/100 in hilly country or with a stiff headwind. 25, intermediate diff of . if that helps at all to determine what the ratio would be. If the 3. Spicer Differential. Welcome to 240sxONE . com different diff ratios front and rear, and a 1. 23???? would a 3. 3:1 in there mate. 36 should drop your revs around 500 rpm or so at around 60 mph compared with the 3. 55 would have been better. was thrown in as a comparison, i believe the diff. Yes, a 3. only ever had toyota diffs and my new car has a mazda, i just tried to work some out and do they come in 4. 89 grey motor diff. 88 Diff with a 4. 0"), does not lend itself well to attaining fantastic mileage to begin with. RPM - Rear End Ratio Chart: The chart below may be of some help in deciding what rear end ratio is right for you. looks like a good alternative since it already has an alloy diff nose. HH indicates a H260 rear diff, the major difference is that it is a 260mm crownwheel and a different rear housing to accommodate it. 54, it should be in tomorrow, and considering the torque of the motor, I think it will be a much better match, and better on gas. Do Salisbury diffs have a different ratio to standard 90 rover diffs? what are the range of Diff ratios that are on offer for the defender axle? Aug 10, 2015 · Im just wondering if any one could tell me what diff ratio I need for my manual conversion. The diff was a straight swap. I would not recommend going to a lower ratio diff unless you have done some engine mods though. Some info to share. Usually covered in grease. Problem is i had 3. hiI was wondring if the diff ratios r the same between the manual mk1 and mk2as im thinking about going to the 6 spd in my ute and wasnt sure if the ratios r the same,I plan to change the ratios to 3. Alister McBride replied the topic: Diff ratios Holmz, double shocks should be fine for corrugations if you change the valving to standard rather than just doubling up on the same standard shock. 36 will bolt straight in to the grey motor housing providing its a course spline centre ( fine spline diff centres won't fit the grey's axles) and the standard grey axles will slip into the 3. 22 diff for a few years, and with the engine working in top condition it was fine, but a 4. 78 - 3. 3 but i cant find any info on anything tht fits into a 350z housing. Can someone please explain LSD diff ratios, what they do, which ones are better suited to N/A cars. A tall diff is a smaller number eg: 2. Apologies if I have missed this topic already, but does anybody know what the standard factory fitted R180 diff ratio fitted to the 1971 240Z was? Also, was the diffs rear plate painted from the factory, or just straight alloy? Gear Ratios for: . To verify if yours is a 2 or 4 pinion diff, count the number of fins on each side of the diff. 9. 3 and 4. This site is for Corvette C3 enthusiasts and has lots of information pertaining to Corvettes built between 1968 and 1982 Techno’s “Know your car” Series # 8 Mazda MX-5 Gear and Differentials Ratios and Tyre Sizes Introduction . the lazer cut ones you've bought sound like the weld-on brisca/f2 type which are decent spec. 27 and it really struggled so I found a 3. kamdiffs. 5L 4eat - 4. But if you're still going to do it the diff out of a 2wd B2600i is the one I would recommend. S15 is a regular R200 diff case so all S13/S14/R32/R33 diff ratios fits yours. Mar 12, 2000 · The Purpose of this page is to give you a quick reference listing of the gear ratios used in the various models of the Z Car. The 4. 85 or 3. I've even considered swapping out my 0. Dont get to hung up on the revs listed below as I just selected a toyota H55F - so the ratios are not the same as an 80 - but for the comparision the gearbox ratios are the same. 08 on US cars, and 3. This is why people fit lower gears,like instead of 3. 0 torque bias (like an open diff) to about 2. Say the following 3 ratios are available 3. Drag Max RPM slider to adjust the range of the RPM and KPH Gauges. 08 pinion gear is larger than the pinion gear used in 3. petrol and diesels have different ratios. Use our gear ratio calculator to find the effective gear ratio your vehicle will have with a new tire size. Ive tried searching for the gear ratios for the transmissions but havent had much luck. AXLE RATIO SPECIFICATIONS DESCRIPTION An optional Limited Slip Differential (LSD) is available on Miata and RX7 models. 45 and will be marked MG xxxx if off a saloon Final gear ratio for the 1. Just to confirm? this is the diff ratios not the gearbox? Jun 13, 2008 · Hi, What was the tallest ratio that Datsun put out in a stock R200 diff for a 240 or 260? My 2+2 is a 3. ?? and 5. It works really well, with 2850 revs @ 70mph in top. 54 not exaclty rare but always in demand (same as 3. 875 or vice verca if shorter ratios are to be used. 7). According to a salesman at Quality Jaguar, the XJ-S final drive unit uses both natural leather and natural rubber seals. Come read my blog at http://www. I have a 3. 5 and 4. My EJ with standard 3. . 7, and 3. 31 gears. 73 5th gears are the most common in the popular transmission kits. That is why for instance an MGB with 14″ wheels was fitted with a 3. Ultimately it makes up an important part of your car’s overall gearing and inevitably has a significant effect on its performance. 3 in it ive got a spare s13 diff there and the gear ratio labelled on that says 48:11 what is that is that 4. Wider gaps between ratios allow a higher 1st gear ratio for better manners in traffic, but cause engine speed to decrease more when shifting. 9 inch Differential Specialists - 9inch Axles, 9in Centres, 9 in Housings & all other Street gear ratios a re offered in 2. JEEP IDENTIFICATION NUMBER E K KK S T ss l-r 3241 253 3241 254 3241 255 3241 256 5200861 3 Apr 09, 2012 · I would go for a 3. Find out all you need to know about gear and diff ratios and how they affect your driving experience. I am considering changing the diff ratios to drop the engine revs when cruising. 44 was fitted to the 2. 25" diff, possibly to imply its extra strength. BMW Gear Ratios. 10 gears swapped on by a differential rebuild shop, and have a Torsen diff in your E30 for fantastic traction. Keep in mind that in some applications the gear ratios might not calculate exactly, as is the case with 4. 45 diff ratio cant quite read the last digit but thats near enough, and am looking to replace it with a diff with a ratio nearer to or just under 3, can anyone advise a donor model as a suitable straight swap, or one that would possibly fit but I believe could need the driveshafts Oct 27, 2005 · Any saloon diff can be fitted to a TR6, you just remove the saloon backing plate and front nose and bolt on the respective TR pieces. Check out our easy to use chart to find out what your Mustang came with from the factory! Find Ring and Pinion Gears with Dana 44 Axle Model and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! I have an XJS 2. I have a e36 328I and using a 325 getrag box i havent look into the gearing side of things, all I know is the auto diff makes the engine rev its guts out at 100km, so if anyone can give me an idea or even May 30, 2011 · While turning the wheels full 360 circle, count how many circles the drive shaft does and you will get the differential ratio on any car. Factory 4-speed or 5-speed transmission ratios generally have a greater difference between gear ratios and tend to be effective for ordinary driving and moderate performance use. 875" 8 bolt US diffs. Yes, it is possible. I also wanted to choose a different ratio as the current one was a bit high for long motorway trips. 3 on the Mk4/5) BUT it really comes into it's own on motorways where it was the only saving grace on the 2. The combination is superb with the V12 engine because of all the extra torque. but the only reason a lower diff ratio would make a car accelrate slower then a higher one is if it causes excesive wheelspin. hello, im not the best when it comes to mechanically minded stuff but i am unsure what all of the diff ratios mean. Flat bottom diff with NO drain plug and 3 bolt mounted stub axles diff ratios to low,any suggestions on a suitable Simple guide to choosing the best diff gear ratios for your Jeep or 4x4 truck The correct chart for your gear ratio is important for drivability and economy. The 79 series has a 8" diff and the 75 series rear is 9. I believe that 2 seater 260s had a 3. Axle and transmission ratio comparison tool. All Land Rover manual gearboxes Ashcroft high ratio transfer case . S. 44 open diff. There are other ratios like 3. The specifications for an undrilled RipR are: diff ratio of . Considering drive-axle ratio impacts a truck s top-end speed, load-pulling ability, and overall fuel economy, fleet managers must choose carefully. Enter Shift at RPM, select gear to shift to and hit Shift and Trace to run up through the gears recording shift point RPM and KPH. 8 of a second from idle to redline, I don't think that's I was wondering if anyone could help with W202 diff cross referencing I have a 97 diesel with manual box and a 3. 0. Make sure you hand this job to a skilled mechanic, because correct shimming of the diff is really important and will fuck up all internals if done wrong. Changing Rear Diff Ratios. Jul 31, 2010 · Hi Guys. 8 (5 speeds gearbox) is 4. It is going to decrease you're acceleration making it even more of a pig to drive. 1:1 and can be found on some rover cars. For racing, the highest permissible torque bias ratio is usually desirable. Note that while the diff can be topped up with conventional gear oil, a drain and refill requires an additive for limited-slip units. The diff swap is strait forward except for the diff front shaft flange. You have a heavy load to lift, so you use a long lever positioned on a pivot with the longest part of the lever between the pivot and the application of force. 363 - 48/11 4. However, having done a calculation re wheels/ tyres/diffs, I should be running about a 3. I can tell you with 100% certainty your diff ratios will be the same front and rear. 042 inches. 454 AXLE RATIOS & IDENTIFICATION 0 1997 ADP Claims Solutions Group, Inc. 2L 4eat - 4. 7 ratio but am fitting the Whifbitz BMW M3 DCT gearbox conversion so either I swap to a manual diff (3. As NHSN grows, both in its user-base and Higher numeric axle ratios require the driveline to spin more in order to turn the wheel once, but generally deliver more torque, which can improve off-the-line acceleration and help provide pulling power when carrying heavy loads or towing heavy trailers. 013 inches, and total diff of . The main diff casting is identical. Not entirely sure what else you are asking for but if you look up a tire manufacturer online they will tell you what the code on the tire means and from this you can determine the diameter of the tire. The engine is connected to the gearbox, the gearbox, via the tail shaft to the differential, and the differential via the axles to the wheels. THE NHSN STANDARDIZED INFECTION RATIO (SIR) A Guide to the SIR . A 179 EH Manual came 3. These are the models Dudley Moore described as “boxy but good” in Crazy People, and the diffs out of them are better than good. Reasons include Deliberate modification for: competition use (lower ratios) or better cruising (higher ratios) Owners taking the cheap option and fitting a saloon car diff when their […] Jun 07, 2012 · Ok so from the information i can find on the net auto 350z diff ratio is 3. 8's. 11 Landcruiser 60 = 4. 328/330 use a ZF transmission and the 323/325 use a Getrag transmission. Aug 21, 2004 · This means the following FS5R50B - This is the gearbox spec fitted. HerboldRacing. 54 4HU to hand. Diff conversions to change gearing are possible. 73:1 , and wondered what the percentage difference between them was ? is in diff ratios and diffs between the two layouts with different balance hole locations. Understanding Axle Ratios. Differentials Questions - FAQ's about Differential Gear Ratio, Positractions and Lockers, and Diagnosing Noise from the experts at West Coast Differentials. 6 range. some had 4. from a e28. 08 diff centres are identifiable by a bulge on the driver's side because the 2. 30 and 4. 88 I feel would reduce acceleration too much, and coupled with a 5 speed would be too tall gearing. Spicer Ring and Pinion New and Used. [ ], Bentley BMW 5-Series Service Manual (e34). 8, it killed the 2. 89 diff centre in my EJ with a 3. 08 with the auto. I'm surprised you changed to this ratio. 78 and 3. 2L, and pre 95 was not necessarily the same post 95. 62 and others saying it has the 3. 2L man - 3. ?? and I see why when so many 4WDS get modified. If there is something you think we're missing that you'd like to know, or you find that something we do cover is incorrect or incomplete, please let us know. This is a nice choice for people Oct 16, 2019 · How to Determine Gear Ratio. Question is, how do i figure out what ratio it is? It has a code on the plate A02A, however after a bit of a search this appears to have multiple ratios. ?? what is available and where can one be got. You can also do it with the diff on the car and the rear in the air or just the differential on it's own. Mar 29, 2010 · Im trying to work out what diff ratios my 90 has, its far from Standard having a Salisbury rear axle and an early type (narrow radius arm) front axle. they debracketed it and added their own for the 5-link set-up. 11:1 diff ratios and a gearbox that has more gears than normal would be the solution? or are there other ways around it? Excellent thanks! I hope that is accurate that would be good. In mechanical engineering, a gear ratio is a direct measure of the ratio of the rotational speeds of two or more interlocking gears. 44 1. Again, Miata is using approximately 2. Since the Type I and Type II are configured for similar torque bias ratios, it doesn’t matter which one you use. 46 diff ratio with the manual gearbox and a 3. If you like the diff ratio, you can directly swap one of these into your E30. 55 Diff and would do better. Often times these numbers are overlooked when buying a truck. 73:1 OR what the RPM change. I guess Im trying to find the one with the tallest gears since Im aiming for top speed (obviously the differential/final drive ratio I need to replace my diff after the old one grenaded up the high country a few weeks ago. in earlier 4 wd you were not supposed to drive on road with four wheel drive as it caused damage to the drive. Mar 29, 2016 · Ford Transit Diff Ratio’s & Axle Swaps Posted on March 29, 2016 by adminmartyn “My van is screaming its nuts off on the motorway”, is a common complaint & leads many owners of rear wheel drive Transits get in touch hoping a remap will fix it but it is a common misconception that a remap can truly change this. What the percentage difference between diff ratios eg 3. There are two types of Mazda Differentials, the smaller M type and the larger P type. The saloon diff have a colour code painted on the output shaft but my memory fails me to exactly which is which. Every Land Rover nerd loves data. 4wd rigs without a center diff don't handle OR corner smoothly in lock anyway, regardless of ratios and tires sizes SJ-410 has 4. 133 - 47/15 3. off the top of your headsdoes anyone know the diff ratios of a standard series 3 and of a range rover (i'm guessing a 73 one). 07, and 2. Considering drive-axle ratio impacts a truck s top-end speed, load-pulling  27 Feb 2017 It is a speed (and torque) ratio between the input source (driveshaft) and output ( axle shaft). 90. diff ratios
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